Dubex scratching post for cats 60x65x84 cm (brown)

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Group:Scratching posts
Manufacturer:Scratch Post
Weight:13.5 kg

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Product description

This stand with scratching posts is a great place for the cat's entertainment, acquaintance, development of instincts and rest. The stand will provide the animal with unlimited possibilities - the cat will be able to play, explore, observe the environment, sharpen its claws or just lazily rest. Sturdy scratching posters will allow cats to realize their instincts, and will help pet owners to preserve healthy furniture, wallpaper and carpets. The universal stand is designed to optimally meet the needs of cats living in the house.


Universal design

A scratching post with a universal design will find a place in the house of any style.


For scratching

The scratching post is covered with braided sisal, so it is especially suitable for scratching.


Benefits for the cat

Sharpening their claws, cats shorten them, remove dirt that accumulates near them, and also mark their territory - there are glands in the cat's paws, with the smell of which cats mark their living spaces.


Safe furniture

By giving the cat a special place where it can sharpen its claws, you can be sure that the walls of the house, the sides of furniture and other things will remain safe and not torn.


Extremely sturdy

The scratching post, due to the materials used, is strong and stable.



  • Dimensions – 60x65x84 cm

*In the complete set of the product you will find instructions for use with all the information on how to assemble and use the product properly.


Made in Turkey.

Unit weight:13.500 kg
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