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VET PHARMACY321Veterinary diets201Monge VetSolution21Monge VetSolution for cats20Monge VetSolution for dogs1Royal Canin Veterinary102Royal Canin VET for cats98Royal Canin VET for dogs4Trovet78Trovet for Cats61Trovet for Dogs16Veterinary medicine4Flea and Tick Control4Supplements and vitamins40Canina9Canvit4For eyes and ears14For oral cavity5For skin and coat35Dermoscent®31Dermoscent® for Cats18Dermoscent® for Dogs13Recovery collars13Various9Accessories23Accessories for Rodents2Dogs, cats - various21Bowls and bottles65Ceramic bowls1Plastic bowls51Stainless steel bowls12Care & hygiene17Dental hygiene products3Nail-clippers3Cat Litter27Absorption cat litter9Clumping cat litter13Silica gel cat litter5Coat care73Antiparasitic products1Brushes46Deodorants2FoOlee brushes1Hairdryers1Pet clippers1Scissors2Shampoo and conditioners16Cats7Dogs5Rodents4Collars11Cats Collars7Dogs collars4LED collars2Nylon collars2Food canned136Cats134Aatas cans for cats9Gemon cans for cats19LeChat cans for cats34Monge cans for cats38Royal Canin cans for cats23Simba cans for cats10Dogs2Monge cans for dogs1Royal Canin cans for dogs1Food dry160Cats Food158Gemon cat food18LeChat cat food8Monge cat food25Royal Canin cat food106Simba cat food1Dogs food2Monge dog food2Leashes3Nylon leashes3Scratching posts37Toilets52Accessories for cat toilets15Closed cat toilets20Open cat toilets17Toys75Cat toys74Europet Bernina cat toys24Karlie Flamingo cat toys14KONG cat toys30Record cat toys3Trixie cat toys3Dog toys1Europet Bernina dog toys1Training2Accessories for training2Transport cages and bags37Treats14Dried treats for dogs8Treats for cats6Сouches41GROOMERS4Grooming accessories3Grooming hairdryers1

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