Trovet Kitten Milk 0,4 kg KMS - piena aizvietotājs kaķēniem

Trovet Kitten Milk 0,4 kg KMS - piena aizvietotājs kaķēniem

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Complete milk replacer feed for kittens

Kitten Milk is a complete milk supplement for young cats. It may happen that the mother animal is not able to produce enough milk or produces milk of poor quality. In that case, the replacement of complemental milk is necessary. Young animals that grow up the first four weeks with the help of a good milk replacer will be able to develop into a healthy young cat. Natural mother’s milk is always a better choice than a milk supplement. Artificial milk, therefore, should only be used in cases when the mother animal does not produce sufficient amounts of milk or when milk production is absent.

Kitten Milk is specifically formulated to meet the specific needs of new-born kittens. The composition corresponds as much as possible to those of natural mother’s milk.
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