Dermoscent Essential Mousse® for cats 150ml

Dermoscent Essential Mousse® for cats 150ml

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Essential Mousse®

Essential Mousse®

For cats

Rinse-free cleansing care for all skin and coat types

Essential Mousse® is presented in a non-aerosol pump dispenser bottle, and it is the first rinse-free cleansing and repairing care designed for frequent use for dogs, cats and small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice…). Formulated with 100% natural active ingredients containing a soothing agent, Essential Mousse® is soap-free and:

  • deodorizes the animal and efficiently eliminate dirt
  • soothes sensitive skin
  • increases the fur shine
  • reinforces the hydrolipid film and maintain the hydration of the skin

Directions for use :

Shake before use. Fill the palm of the hand with foam or apply it directly on the coat of the animal. Make sure that the area is well soaked by the product and then let it penetrate by gently massaging it in, preferably against the direction of hair growth, to achieve a better cleansing of the skin. Avoid the eyes and the nose. Remove dirt with the help of a towel. Allow to dry and then brush.

Ingredients :

Essential Mousse® contains hemp oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids (Ω 3 and 6), essential oil of niaouli, a lichen extract, and a soothing agent derived from pumpkin seeds. The formula of the cleansing base contains saponaria root extract and lipoaminoacides from green apples.

Tips :

  • Essential Mousse® is ideal for animals living in apartments, where frequent cleansing can sometimes be problematic owing to lack of space, etc.
  • Practical for cleansing boisterous animals or dislike water and shampoo. Also useful for hygiene purposes in convalescing or incontinent animals
  • For a cleansing of animals subjects to recurrent malodors such as ferrets.
  • Very handy when returning from walks for localised cleansing (e.g.: the paws) - fast and efficient
  • To remove allergens from the skin surface of animals with sensitive skin.

Efficacy :

The efficacy of Essential Mousse® has been proven thanks to a clinically study that has been carried out under veterinary supervision. Significant results have been established on various criteria.

Percentage of change between D 0 and D 28




Fur shine: +73%


Fur shine: +76%

Soothing effect: +86%


Soothing effect: +82%

Deodorising effect: +85%


Pourcentage de satisfaction




Efficacy: 68%


Efficacy: 73%

Ease of use : 62%


Ease of use : 93%

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