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BIO-GROOM Magic White aerozol 284g

BIO-GROOM Magic White aerozol 284g

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Magic White

Whitening Cleaner

Magic White™ is a spray-on chalk of selected fineness, consistency and brightness. It has been formulated to whiten whites, cover yellowish stains and give body to the coat. Magic White may be used as a Dry Shampoo on white and light colored dogs and cats when regular shampooing is not practical. It leaves the coat smelling fresh and clean, is non-polluting, non-irritating – safe.

Don’t just groom – Bio-Groom – your dogs and cats are worth it!

Directions: Before using SHAKE and AGITATE well for 20-25 seconds. Fluff the coat then spray on LIGHTLY. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches from coat. Allow to stand for a few seconds – then simply brush as usual. A cosmetic sponge sprayed with with MAGIC WHITE may be used to apply the chalk to specific areas of the coat. Short hair breeds, buff sprayed area with soft towel if needed. Make sure to cover eyes when spraying face.

After Use:
Invert can and spray for four seconds to clean valve. If spray button becomes clogged, pull off and clean. DO NOT stick pins or wire into can opening. Replace spray button firmly with valve opening pointed away from you.

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